A downloadable chef

Pixel Kitchen

Keep the food off of the floor in this throwback arcade game.

Uncooked pieces of food are prepared and thrown at you and your job is to cook them and keep them off of the floor. Once a piece of food is cooked try to get it to land on the serving tray being held by the waiter behind you.

Do your best to not burn the food or have uncooked food land on the serving tray. If a piece of food lands on the floor then it's game over because there is no 5 second rule.

Compete for a high score with your friends as you climb the leader boards, see how much you can keep off of the floor and for how long.



  • Compiled game using Gamemaker Studio 2 instead of 1.4


  • Modified hit boxes on player and food items, making food easier to hit when facing left.


  • Updated the tutorial to make some aspects of game play easier to understand.


  • Fixed a glitch where some food items moved faster when they were thrown by the NPC
  • Fixed a glitch that caused advertisements to obstruct UI elements
  • Added a tutorial



Pixel Kitchen 1.5.0.apk 10 MB

Also available on


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i love this game (its working on my phone) really good game

Not working in my 4.4.2 kitkat android phone

what is it doing on your phone?